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Why get video headshots?

Video headshots offer a variety of advantages, including conveying personality and energy, standing out in a crowded online space, and enhancing creative branding. They allow for a unique and captivating presentation of your brand, setting you apart from competitors who primarily use still headshots.

Would you like some video headshots for your company?

Frequently asked questions

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I capture them in your own office or home. I will come over with my camera and film what I need then and there. The rest is done in post production.

Yes, I can help you with implementation for an extra fee (putting these video headshots into your website) given that you use Elementor. I do not work with other website systems. We can always talk about switching to Elementor. This website, for example, was built with Elementor. There’s almost nothing you can’t do with it.

I will film you for a while, and then when I feel like I’ve got enough footage, I will go through it all in post. I’ll see what I feel is the best part, loop it, and send you the finals.

It’s the same process whether I capture one person or a whole team, one by one.

And yes, you can have a loop of the whole team standing together done as well. There’s almost nothing that we can’t do. Creativity knows no bounds.

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Video headshots won't create themselves

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