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The future of advertising

Little Ads is here to transform how businesses utilise their unused spaces and how advertisers reach their audience. Imagine turning an ordinary wall, a fence, or any underused space in a bustling area into a revenue-generating billboard. That’s exactly what Little Ads offers.


The Little Ads Model: Profiting Off Unused Spaces

The Little Ads concept is built on a simple yet innovative concept: finding businesses with unused spaces in high-traffic areas and turning these spots into lucrative advertising real estate. Whether it’s a wall facing a busy street, a fence around a local sports ground, or any other underutilised space, Little Ads is on a mission to transform it into a valuable asset.

See the potential

Why Choose Little Ads for Your Space?

For property owners, the benefits are twofold. Firstly, you get to monetise an otherwise unused part of your property. That wall or fence you never thought much about could be earning you steady income. Secondly, LittleAds offers a generous revenue-sharing model, where you receive 50% of the ad revenue generated from your space. It’s passive income with minimal effort.

A Little Step Towards Big Results

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